5 Benefits of a Wee Front Pocket Wallet

Wee Wallets: For Minimalist Men




1).  Save your back: I told a chiropractor friend of mine that I had been recently having some sciatic pain from my low back down my leg.  He asked me which leg it was, I said my right leg.

He told me it was likely that my big old wallet was causing my pain.

back pain from wallet

The problem he said is the imbalance that my wallet has caused to my hip, pelvis and back.  Sitting on it for hours a day for so many years might have actually led to some nerve damage (that is likely reversible at this point).

He told me to try a front pocket wallet.

2). Minimalist Function – When I switched over to a front pocket wallet, I began to immediately realize the benefits.  One of the best things was cleaning out my old nasty back pocket wallet of all of the junk that I had accumulated for years and was afraid to toss.  Just let it go.  Throw it in the trash.  If I don’t use it, why should I keep it?  When you get a front pocket wallet, you will realize that it just doesn’t hold a lot of stuff, which is great.  This means that I can’t keep a lot of stuff.


3). I prefer a wallet in my front pocket for safety and feel.  I’m not one of these paranoid types that walks around worrying about everything.  Frankly, if someone really wants my money they can have it.  Yet, I do feel when I am standing on public transportation, a little more comfortable, when my wallet is in my front pocket.  I can tap it and know it is there.  It just Feels Good.  img_8955

4).  It’s hip.  If you want to be a “hipster”.  Hipsters prefer front pocket wallets, according to my research.

Front pocket wallet review

5).  It’s cheap and the Cards stay put.  You can get this Wee front pocket wallet for $14.95.  It is genuine leather and very sturdy.  The card pockets are open enough to allow up to five cards, but tight enough to hold them securely in place.

Bonus #6).  It fits in your front shirt pocket also, for those times when that is convenient.

best front pocket wallet

Bonus #7).  Not just a Card Holder: Designed to fit enough cash, checks and other misc. items:

best card holder walletimg_8974

Bonus #8). Easily slide out License: This wallet has a thumb hole right in the middle of the plastic casing that holds your license.  So if you are carded, you can easily slide out your license.  Or you can just show them without taking it out of your wallet:

best card holder wallet

*Disclaimer on this review.  I designed and sell Wee front pocket wallets.  This is a VERY biased review, but I would only sell products that I believe in.  I cannot stand by junk.  This is a very quality and sturdy front pocket wallet.  I hope you feel the same.