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This is tied for #1 for me. I have tried to be as honest as I can in this review, though I really do like my Gurunanda. But if you are going to be diffusing, you might as well get the look to go along with it. I would like a little more power with the aroma though.

Yes. I know it is just over $30. Oh well.


Appx $35.00


This is the one that I own and have used for many months. I like it. It does the job. It is more powerful than VicTsing and that is important to me. So I would go with this one. But there are many that would disagree. bigge 

Appx $29.00

Viva Naturals

Nice colors. Needs assembly though. There are a lot of biased reviews on Amazon about this product. I don’t trust it. Sorry. bigge 

Appx $16.95


I think this is a great diffuser. And for the price of less than $20, it is definitely in competition for a top value diffuser. I am going to consider getting this one if my Gurunanda ever putters out. bigge 

Appx $17.95


I actually have two awards for this product.  I’m going with my Gurunanda for the BEST Value and Most Functional (best power aroma for the price):




I’m going with the VicTsing for the best looking diffuser:




What I am looking for in a Diffuser:

1).  Look:  Generally speaking a diffuser is going to be out in the open.  Either in a bathroom, by the bathtub, or next to a bed or in an office.  If you are going to be relaxing with a diffuser, you might as well get one that is going to be subtly decorative.  Personally, I like the wooden look of the VicTsing.  My Gurunanda isn’t ugly  I put it next to my dresser:

best diffuser on amazon

When it is on: It rotates some therapeutic colors.  You can also stop the rotation and leave it on one color.

best diffuser on amazon

The Victsing is pretty:

Prettiest diffuser on amazon

2).  Powerful Aroma: Ideally a diffuser should spread the aroma throughout the room so it can be enjoyed by all.  Some of the cheap diffusers just spit out a thin and weak mist that can only be smelled with your face in the diffuser.  I think the Gurunanda is probably better than VicTsing at powerful aroma.

best diffuser on amazon

Frankly though there are some reviews about the VicTsing that say it could use more power.  Like this one:


3). Noise:  Need a quiet diffuser.  Especially when you are using for mental health purposes.  Don’t want it to be distracting.  I have to give 5 star credit to all of the diffusers listed here.  All of them have a pretty soft tone when on.

4). EASY FILL and MAINTENANCE: You don’t want to spend time cleaning or assembling a diffuser.  You will have to reload often with fragrance, but this should also be accomplished easily.  I’ve had no issues with Gurunanda.  Check out the Video Below: