Best Electric Toothbrush for Under $30

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Oral-B Vitality

#1 for me. I have been through many electric toothbrushes in my life. I have had over 20 cavities since I entered adulthood. I always go for the cheap toothbrush, and finally found one I will stick with. It cleans thoroughly, is low maintenance and charges. I have only had 1 cavity since I started using it (which is an improvement for me) bigge

Appx $26.00

Philips Sonicare

I have used 2 sonicare electric toothbrushes. They are fine. But there are issues. #1. They seem to vibrate too much for me and shake my brains. I might get adult shaking brain syndrome.
2). They collect gunk and mold on the inside. It is sometimes gross.

Appx $25.00

Augason Farms

This sonic care toothbrush seems to have many legitimate high quality reviews. I’m intrigued. Will seriously consider this one for my next toothbrush. Good power, auto timer. Like it. bigge

Appx $20.00

I am an electric toothbrush snob.  I have been through many.  But I’m also cheap.  So I like my toothbrush to cost less than $30.  Here are some of the reasons that I chose the Oral-B vitality electric as my favorite electric toothbrush.





1). Price: The first thing I look for in an electric toothbrush is the cost.  If it is over $30, I usually don’t even consider it an option.  These three that I have reviewed today as my favorites are definitely in the inexpensive category.

2). Re-Charge: I will no longer buy an electric toothbrush that is not rechargeable.  I have been down this road with my old Phillips and it was not a good experience.  Don’t want to be changing batteries and maintaining my brush.  Just want to use it.

best electric toothbrush under $30 dollars

This Oral-B Vitality Electric does have a charging station.  One of my criticisms with it is that the charging station gets pretty dirty and gross after some use:

Oral-B Vitality Electric Review

3). Sensitive Clean: I needed a brush that cleans my teeth without wearing them down.  I have sensitive teeth.  I’m a sensitive person.  Some people, including my wife, call me a little wussy.  I prefer risk adverse and pain adverse.

Good bristles and cleans well with this brush:

best electric toothbrush on amazon

4).  Re-Usable Toothbrush headdirlb85i9

All of the toothbrushes I have found to be at the top of the list on Amazon offer re-usable heads.  It’s like a paid subscription program.  Of course they come with the toothbrush.  Similar philosophy with Razor heads.  This Oral B is really easy to swap out heads:

best electric toothbrush on amazon

5). Power: I need something that can brush the grime off.  Most electric toothbrushes in this price range won’t scrape off the plaque.  I think this oral b does the trick.  I am intrigued with the power in the BROADCARE Electric Toothbrush though.  Seems that people gush over the power in this one:

Most powerful electric toothbrush under $30 dollars

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Summary of Electric Toothbrush Reviews:

I have tested many of these electric toothbrushes that cost less than $30.  I am intrigued by the Broadcare brush and will look into that one and may update this review posting.  It seems to have good power and cleans well.  Looks cool in black.

But for now, I am sticking with Oral-B Vitality electric for the best value electric toothbrush on amazon.