Best Folding Chairs on Amazon

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Definitely #1 for Me. I have tried all kinds of folding chairs. I have sat in many in my life and I have folded and put away thousands. Maybe millions.

By far, the most stable, most comfortable and easiest to fold and store are these Lifetime chairs. Just beautiful.


Appx $140.00 for pack of 4

Best Choice Products

These are GOOD economical chairs. But if you have a BIG BUTT and Cannot Lie. Than I would not go here. You will not sit comfortably on it. If you are of the skinny variety, than by all means save some money here. bigge 

Appx $70.00 for a Pack of 5


Lightweight with a padding. But I wouldn’t get these over the Lifetime. Lifetime chairs are more durable and long lasting and heavy duty. Cushions on these chairs, especially if used outside on the patio, have a tendency to wear out with weather and time. bigge 

Appx $130.00 for a Pack of 4




What I am Looking for in Folding Chairs?

1).  Durability:  Durability in folding chairs means that these chairs will last for many years (up to 10 or more) with heavy use.  Heavy use means folding them and using them often.  The lifetime chairs are 5 Star durable.  We use them on our back porch in all seasons and they remain beautiful:

best folding chairs

2).  Foldability:  Is this a word?  Sure.  What the heck.  If I’m going to fold chairs, I want them to fold smoothly and without much resistance.  I want them to fold without pinching my fingers.  I don’t want them to be so heavy.  I want to be able to carry 4 at a time.  Lifetime is 5 stars in this area too:

best folding chairs

When folded, the chairs align very well on the top, making it a very snug and comfortable fit together:

best folding chairs

3).  Heavy Duty yet Elegant:  We use these Lifetime chairs hard.  We sit on them.  We stand on them.  They are used for all occasions.  We can use these folding chairs for Wedding Receptions and they look great.  We can also just sit around the fire place and we don’t feel like we are abusing our nice chairs.

best folding chairs

4).  Price?  Ha.  Yes the price.  We knew you were going to ask.  The Lifetime chairs cost the most.  They are the best.  But they aren’t cheap.  But they are worth it.  In our mind.