Best Fruit Dehydrator

*Note: Ever since I went on a “no sweets” diet.  I have looked for ways to curb my sweet tooth with healthy but also sweet options.  This fruit dehydrator was a life saver.  I now have unlimited and homemade sweet treats that don’t have any processed or refined sugars.

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Definitely the #1 choice for a food dehydrator for me. I’m not closed minded enough to think this is the only option. I just think it is the best (value, ease of use, results). bigge 

Appx $59.00


Well, it is definitely cheap and I think a lot of people have success with it. The problem is that some foods and fruits dehydrate better at different temperatures for different textures.

You don’t have the option of changing temperature with this presto. It is a constant 165 degrees


Appx $33.00


A good and great dehydrator. Two downsides that I see: 1). It operates pretty loudly, 2). This is plastic not metal. bigge 

Appx $169.00




What I am looking for in a Fruit Dehydrator?

1).  Price.  To be honest, this was my first criteria.  I don’t know why and it doesn’t really make sense. The returns on investment for a healthy food processor are beyond any value.  Yet, I guess I was nervous going into it wondering how much use I would actually put into it.  My conclusion was that if I spent less than $50, I was ok.  I think the Nesco is very value priced at $58 bucks.  It stretched my budget, but I couldn’t force myself to buy the Presco ($33) and I didn’t want to spend $170 on the Excalibur.

So I settled on the Nesco:

best food dehydrator for fruit leather

2).  NOISE:  Yes.  To be honest when my wife and I were discussing this purchase the second criteria was always how much nose does it make?  In my research the Presto was fine in this area.  The excalibur on the other hand had plenty of noise related issues.

The excalibur is said to be noisier than a Dishwasher

There is NO NOISE issue with the Nesco.  Maybe a little hum.  Nothing that is bothersome:

3).  Ability to Make Fruit Leather:  Ok.  So.  When researching food dehydrators, I was careful to see which one would produce the best fruit leather.  I’m not a hunter and we don’t smoke meats.  I don’t have a deer hanging in my garage.  

The Nesco makes beautifully delicious fruit leather:

best fruit dehydrator

And it is very easy.  I just blend up the desired fruit:

best fruit dehydrator

food dehydrator review

Put it onto the INCLUDED Fruit Trays:

fruit trays for nesco food dehydrator


Plug in the Nesco Food Dehydrator and within hours I have Apple Fruit leather that I can take with me to work:

best fruit dehydratorBest fruit leather dehydrator


Heck yes.

Any Downsides to the NESCO?  

Let’s talk about the negatives.

1). Some people have had issues with the “flimsy trays” and they say that they are different than what is advertised on Amazon.  I hear the people, but I haven’t had this issue.

2).  There is no timer.  Period.

3).   Some say that the temperature setting is off.  I have no way of measuring this.

4).  One Reviewer said they loved it but after a time it quit working.  I have been using mine for 6 months and it still works, so I don’t know…..