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Augason Farms

The Best of the “Powder Honeys” on Amazon. Yet, there is a major flaw in the powder honeys on amazon. EVERY single one has SUCROSE in the ingredients. Some more than others. Let’s discuss.. bigge 

Appx $17.00


Probably the best (sweetest) tasting, but it also has the most sucrose and with 9 grams of sugar per serving, hardly a non-sugar substitute. bigge 

Appx $13.00

Hoosier Hill

Probably the most criticized of the powder honeys on amazon. Seems about the same as Augason farms to me, 4 sugar grams per serving. I prefer Augason for shipping and storage and container. bigge 

Appx $13.00



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1).  No Sugar:  This was the biggest disappointment that we had in shopping for and purchasing powder honey.  We were hoping for 100% honey. You know the kind that is dried out and powderized somehow.  I was shocked when I saw that Basically ALL of the powdered honeys on amazon have fructose/sugar. Let’s take a look:

Which Powder Honeys have sucrose in them:

Augason Farms Sucrose: dirlb85i9

Augason Farms Honey Powder Review

Evergreen Powder Honey Sucrose: dirlb85i9This one has a lot of sugar: 9 grams per serving.

Evergreen honey powder review

Hoosier Hill with Sucrose: dirlb85i9


So, really all three fail my no sugar test.  Fairly disappointing.

2).  Taste: Nothing bad to say about the taste.  It tastes good.  It is good just by itself:

best honey powder

It’s even better in hot chocolate.

This honey powder recipe is as follows:

Unsweetened cocoa

Powder Milk

Powder Honey

Stevia – Might want to look at my reviews of the best stevia on Amazon.  

hot chocolate with honey powderHot chocolate with honey powder and stevia

3). Packaging and Store ability: I like the Augason farms packing.  We have always had good success with their products and long shelf life.  The problem is that the honey powder only fills up about half of the can:

augason honey powder review

augason honey powder review

Funny in this day and age that companies still do this.  The negativity about not filling your packaging has always been high.

4).  Price:

It is going to cost about $13 for a can of honey powder.  This isn’t cheap, but honey isn’t cheap.  So, I won’t say anything negative here.

augason honey powder review

5).  Does it dissolve well?  Hmmm.  Another 3 star here.  It took a lot of mixing and heating to get it to dissolve into the hot chocolate.  Still had work to do:

augason honey powder review

Summary: Though there is much work to do in the honey powder market, I would still give Augason Farms the best current product award in this category:


Real amazon reviews