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Speed Stand by HomeConcept

ALWAYS take measurements before you order one of theses portable stand up desks. They are NOT adjustable, unless you want to go really old school and put some books underneath them. 36″ work top should be large enough for your laptop and mouse. Measurements: 36″ Wide x 15″ deep x 12″ high (Generally designed for people 5’3″ to 5’11” – if the desk you are using now is regulation height).
The price generally hovers around $70.00

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TALL Speed Stand by HomeConcept

These Speed stands are not going to blow you away with looks or quality, but they will do the job if you already have a desk and are looking for a cheaper alternative. Of course, they come in different colors.Measurements: 36″ Wide x 15″ deep x 15 1/2″ high (Generally designed for people OVER 6” tall – if the desk you are using now is regulation height).
The price generally hovers around $70.00

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Ergo-Stand – Convert Desk to Stand Up Desk

This Desk riser is hot but not burning hot. It is solid and heavy and probably a little more durable than the speed stands. Comes with non stick rubber feet like a duck. So, it won’t slide off your table and crash into your co-employees leg, causing an injury, getting you sued and fired from your job.
The price generally hovers around $200.00

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The Original Stand Steady

The ORIGINAL stand ready desk looks more like an elementary chair that I used to sit in that you just kind of plop onto your work desk. I can’t complain too much about the online reviews though. Amazon users are given it between 4 and 5 stars for functionality and ease of use. If you are looking for aesthetics, I would go with a wooden desk. Just by looking at it, I have some concern about it slipping off the desk.
The price generally hovers around $150.00

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Vari Desk Reviews

LOVE THE VARI DESK for a portable stand up option. First of all, it just looks better than the wood varieties. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sticking with my wood portable stand up desk, because is great and I’ve had zero issues with it. However, if I were to start over, I would definitely consider the Vari Desk. Vari Desk used to be advertised on SkyMall. The benefits over the wood portable desk are: 1). The height is adjustable; 2). It looks better. 3). Easier to assemble (although the wooden one was easy and I’m a dummy).
The price generally hovers around $300.00

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After years of sitting at my boring office job, I finally came to the conclusion that for my health and well being, I needed to start standing at work.  I created a makeshift stand up desk out of books:

Best Portable Stand up desk

Best Portable Stand up desk

I liked it so much that I googled “Portable Stand up Desk” because I didn’t want to spend the money for a new stand up work desk or station.  I wanted something cheap, like a podium that I could put on top of my current desk.  This worked perfectly.

Best Portable Stand up desk

It took me three days to get fully used to it.  Whenever I am working at my computer, which is most of the day, I stand.  Whenever I am on the phone or meeting with a client I sit.  I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

There are plenty more benefits of standing at work than sitting.  We will discuss these more in the blog.  The biggest change I have noticed is back strength and freedom from pain.  My spine feels like it is properly positioned now.


Portable stand up benches aren’t the best thing in the world.  However, they also aren’t the worst.  Think about this scenario.  You get hired in an office environment where you are put into an office or cubicle area where there is a desk and chair there for you.  Do you think your best course of action is to knock on HR or your Boss’ door and tell him that your office space isn’t sufficient and that you want him to buy you a stand up desk?  Yeah right.  Great way to start your new career.  Instead, if you already have a desk and don’t want or can’t afford to swap your current desk for a stand up desk, than your best option is to get a portable stand that is cheap and functional to place on top of your desk and allow you to stand.

 Price is generally between $50-$100*


Not going to lie.  Portable stand up desks are not the BEST option.  Frankly, if you can afford it, just go for the full on adjustable work desk station.  HOWEVER, if your are kind of CREEPING into the stand up waters and want to TRY it out, these portable stand up work desks may be your best option.  For me it was my only option.  I came into an office where their desks were already there and my boss wasn’t too excited about buying a new desk and having me move everything around.  So, I went with the portable stand up option and haven’t looked back since.  You have to be careful about measurements, because these are NON-adjustable.

Here are the assembly instructions for the Speed Stand up desk (took me about 25 minutes to put together).




Honestly?  I like mine.  I have had it for over 5 years now and it has given me no problems.  It is sturdy enough and looks good enough and was easy enough to put together.  They have in fact improved them a little and now call them a miracle desk.  It is just a GOOD, CHEAP option for a portable stand up desk.






I knew that I felt better standing at work all day, and this was confirmed with with recent scientific studies of the health benefits of standing: