Best Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece




What Kind of Mouthpiece should I use for my Soprano Saxophone?

1).  Why Is the Soprano Sax Mouthpiece so Important?

The Combination of a proper mouthpiece and reed are the most important when playing your soprano saxophone.  The same saxophone will produce wildly different sounds, squeaks and styles when played with different mouthpieces and reeds.

2). Choosing a Proper Soprano Sax Mouthpiece

The first mouthpiece I used was the one that came with my Used Soprano Saxophone that I bought on Ebay.  It was an unknown brand to me.  It is a Riffault France. 

best soprano sax mouthpiece

best soprano sax mouthpiece

I played on it with the Soprano Sax Mouthpiece Reeds that came with it.  I knew nothing about either.  I knew one thing.  I couldn’t make a sound.  So I bought a new Mouthpiece. The Yamaha YAC1281 SS-4C Soprano Sax Mouthpiece Shown here on Amazon:

best soprano sax mouthpiece

best soprano sax mouthpiece


This was advertised as an affordable, beginners mouthpiece for the Soprano Sax.  I bought it, I liked it, I used it until I broke it.  That Brings me to #3.

3). Greasing the Cork

My New Yamaha Mouthpiece didn’t go on as comfortably as my original mouthpiece.  I had to put a lot of pressure on it to get it on where I needed it.  One day I pushed too hard and cracked the Yamaha Mouthpiece.  I threw it away and moved on to the next and more expensive Mouthpiece, The Selmer Super Session.

4). Check the Letter on the Soprano Sax Mouthpiece 

On further research and message board reading, I found the Selmer Super Session Soprano Sax Mouthpiece.  After saving my money and convincing my wife, I bought it on Amazon:  The letter was J (at the time it didn’t mean anything to me).

best soprano sax mouthpiece

Apparently, the Higher the letter in the alphabet, the more space between the reed and the tip of the mouthpiece.  The facing space is greater.  This may be a good thing for more experienced players, but for me it didn’t work.

best soprano sax mouthpiece

best soprano sax mouthpiece

I couldn’t get a sound.  Just my breath blowing through the much too large space.

5). If you don’t know any better, get a lower letter

I would recommend an F Selmer Super Session Mouthpiece for any beginner Soprano Saxophone player.  Like this one:

best soprano sax mouthpiece

best soprano sax mouthpiece


6).  More important than the Mouthpiece is Practice

I sold my J mouthpiece on Ebay for a big loss.  The only mouthpiece I had left was the one that came with my Saxophone.  The unknown Riffault.  I practiced with it and tried two different kinds of reeds with it.  I love it.  It has a beautiful sound.

I am still saving up for the Selmer Super Session F.