Best Tailgate Pad for Bikes

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Definite #1 for me, because I own it and I love it. When I bought a new bike at a local specialty bike store, I asked the owner how he transports bikes? I had no idea you could arrange your bike like this over the tailgate. Genius and it works awesome. bigge 

Appx $80.00


Probably just as good as the Yakima and it comes in different colors. It is actually bigger than the Yakima so it might protect more tailgate surface space. bigge 

Appx $80.00

Race Face

A little more cushion at the top for added protection, but the size of this one may cause it to “look a little” sloppy on newer designed truck tailgates. Just doesn’t sit perfectly flat. A little more spendy. bigge 

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TOO Many Bikes, no Trailer:  I went to our local bike store with an issue.  I have 4 kids and am married. So we have 6 bikes and we like to travel to ride.  The problem is I don’t have a trailer and I don’t want to carry one.  I also don’t want to just lay the bikes on top of each other in the bed of my pickup (certain way to ruin bikes).  So I asked the manager of the store:

Is there a bike rack for trucks?

No.  He said.  But there is a tailgate cover.

I was intrigued.  So I watched his demonstration and went home with one:
Best tailgate cover

How many bikes can I Load?

We had six in very nicely.  I think we could have traveled with 7 or 8 without any problem:

bike carrier for trucks

best truck bike carrier

How does the tailgate pad protect the truck from scratches and dents?

The underside of the bike rests firmly on the pad.  I had no problem with any bike movement.  On our first trip using it we didn’t have any complaints or damage to the bikes or the truck:

Truck tailgate cover for bikesTruck tailgate cover for bikes

Do the bikes move during travel?

No.  I am way less anxious about these bikes falling out then I am when pulling a trailer.  They fit surprisingly snug and tight.  There is no movement with travel.  Just for extra caution I usually ratchet the back wheels to the truck, but it is not necessary.  I have traveled without it.

Truck tailgate cover for bikes


Way better than a bike rack.  I am shocked that I haven’t known about these tailgate covers for bikes before.  Seriously a life changing product.  No need to bike an expensive bike trailer and carry it around.  No need for a bike rack that sticks out and is a pain.  This is for me the only want to carry bikes.